I’m Dave and I help businesses tell their stories with films,
authentically with real people.

Instead of sending an email like most people do,
I created a website version of my introduction
with relevant & useful videos I produced and edited over the past several years.


In 2019, my dream is to own a Matt Black Tesla S with Black Rims that I can drive to my consults & film shoots.

Ever since I saw this video, I knew I wanted to make videos with Tesla.
(Gemma knows I’ve memorised all the videos off by heart.)

My second dream is to create videos with Tesla (within the same style as the above US case studies*)
as it continues to innovate the automotive and solar industries around Australia.

Dream Number Three is to then go to space. Obviously with SpaceX.

For the past five years, I’ve been the secret weapon for several tech companies in Australia & Asia
helping to find authentic stories with real people, weave key messages into the films and hit or exceed the desired KPI’s.

Being able to find the heart and emotion in story when tech is the enabler is a nuanced skill that takes immersion in the field to understand, a deep knowledge of the psychology of storytelling and a lot of emotional intelligence to execute well.

It’s also one of my favourite ways to best use my skills to help disrupt industries that have needed it for so long.

Five years ago, on the news I saw a ride-sharing company from San Francisco,
starting their operations in their first Australian city, Sydney.

I knew I wanted to be part of that.

I reached out for the opportunity to show my skills and did one video of an event.
I have since been working as a video consultant producing, directing & editing a large majority of both the internal and external videos for Uber.

These projects then brought me around Australia, New Zealand and to six countries in South East Asia (to create their internal entire campaign for Recruitment)
I truly understand localisation of messaging and culture and how to weave it into the subtext of the messaging.

It’s also a bonus that I am a graphic designer and photographer, so every step of and project is direct and fast.

In 2018, I saw Amazon was coming from the US, UK & Asia.
My dream for 2018 was to be part of their growth too, and within the first two weeks, they called me.

This year I produced, directed and edited the video content for the Australian launch of the Amazon Echo,
and also the launch of Amazon Prime, which involved work with Prime TV, Prime Reading and Twitch Prime.

Helping Tesla to spread the message through localised video of real stories is incredibly important for 2019,
and I know I have what it takes to prove I’m the right fit.

If there’s an opportunity to chat or meet in person before end of 2018,
I can arrange a time, otherwise I’ll be working on a project in Asia till mid January,
but would love to meet afterwards.

Would love to know what the team thinks,
and am very open to meeting the team to share my knowledge of the process.

Thank you so much for your time,


Dave Katague
Video Producer / Marketing Consultant

+61 430 933 283

Below are my most recent showreels. I’ve worked in several industries from tech, automotive, fashion, finance & travel.
My 2018 showreel is launching New Years Day 2019.