Hello Fabrizio, it was great to meet you at NAB, it was my first time to attend this year
and the main intent was to build as many relationships and introduce myself to the world!
I've been refining my storytelling craft over the years and am now shifting focus to social this year.

You mentioned you're thinking about changing the ambassadors process as we progress this year and I believe I have a lot of value to add in terms of attitude, skill-set and history to partnering with Manfrotto.

I've been a loyal user of Manfrotto equipment since I started filming with my trusty 190PROB.
To this day I've been using three of them for all my projects and they've travelled with me around the world!
I have two Manfrotto 561BHDV-1's and they've lasted me years!
I use the 501PL Quick Release system and have been working on over 500 videos using my Manfrotto gear.

Below is my most recent mini-documentary for the launch of the GH5, and my 2015 showreel:


Education Background

I'm was originally a graphic designer, studying visual communications, majoring in Photography. I realised that imagery was my forte, but felt that without music, it was limiting.

Over the next few years, I pushed to up-skill as a cinematographer, motion graphic designer, video editor (specialising in Same Day Edits) and a video marketing consultant (focusing more on big data, measurable results with video and optimising for platforms).

I'm been filming for about 6-7 years and I dig deep into creating stories with purpose, authenticity and complexity of film language.


I've been using social media like Facebook and Instagram for the past 4-5 years and my Instagram has about 8,500 followers. My Instagram focuses on both photo and video content and I've learnt to optimise video for instagram to make the most use out of the medium.

I'm putting together months of content for an educational YouTube channel which focuses on filmmaking, storytelling and feel, focused on teaching younger filmmakers the attitude to make great films.

I would love to feature Manfrotto gear, subtly as soft sells throughout each video.
I've been posting and tagging @manfrottoimaginemore since I started using instagram and have many examples of gear in my behind the scenes photos, flatlays and gear bag photos.

Below are some examples:



I film commercial videos, for 5 star luxury hotels internationally,
I create internal and external video work for Uber Australia and South East Asia
and am the Video Ambassador for Glidecam Industries, Rhino Camera Gear & Panasonic Australia.

I would love to discuss any opportunities,
this year as I'm involved with a lot of projects that will create imagery many haven't seen before.

I'll be travelling around the world again in the next few months,
one trip is over the top of the world to East Russia's Wrangel Island
to film wild polar bears, walrus, orca, puffins and albatross.

I would love to show off Nitrotech in extreme environments to show how much better it is than fluid head, etc.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me,