June, 2017

Hello Connie,

Thank you for your interest in creating video content together & for your patience in me putting this together.

I've put together a range of films I've consulted and produced with properties around the world (Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco & Australia) which would be relevant for reference when thinking of video content ideas for Primus Hotel, Sydney.

As we spoke earlier I am also a full blown graphic designer, photographer, photo retoucher, motion graphic artist, motion time-lapse specialist & visual effects compositor. All of these skills cross-pollinate & inform my work to achieve a very high standard in each discipline.

I've been travelling for the past two years creating media libraries, film content & video optimised for social media, cinema advertising and digital signage solutions for 5 star luxury hotels. I am also one of the video marketing consultants and the secret weapon working with Uber, on projects in San Francisco, South East Asia and Australia. I prefer to not openly push to market my work as I choose to work only with the best. Primus is one of my favourite hotels in Sydney.

Specialising in filming food, architecture, stories with a focus on heart/emotion, I've pushed to keep a lean filmmaking approach, whilst first targeting the specific business objectives and primary messaging.

I am also the video ambassador for Panasonic Australia creating video content & working as an educator on YouTube.


InterContinental Hong Kong's Yan Toh Heen

After creating some video content with InterContinental's restaurant Nobu, I was again commissioned to create a campaign of seven videos called "Sundays @ InterContinental".

Whilst filming at Yan Toh Heen I met the incredibly talented Executive Chef Lau Yiu Fai who uses refined Chinese cooking methods combined with the best ingredients, to create what is possibly the best Cantonese cuisine I've ever had in my life. Yan Toh Heen is recognised as one of the world's finest 2 Michelin star Chinese restaurants.

InterContinental Hong Kong's The Suite Life Experience

Last year, I was also commissioned to create a series of property videos for InterContinental Hong Kong, where we filmed the Point of View of an experience visiting from start to finish.

We designed the flow of the video through storyboarding the process, whilst hitting all the required showcasing objectives of each offering.

We created also media library of room assets, designed for longevity, whilst simultaneously running a campaign that would be optimised to run on social media.

InterContinental Hong Kong's The Signature Suite Collection

We also created a series of videos for their more premium room offerings, to push the premium and higher end clients to convert sales, raise prestige and impart a luxurious feel and tone to the higher offerings.

We continued the same musical idea to keep the InterContinental spirit, similar to how we did for the Sunday @ InterContinental campaign.

Finishing in the Presidential suite, we showcased the award winning views of Victoria Harbour.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong's HK Skyline

Working with Ritz Carlton, we filmed one of their premium cocktail offerings created by Mixologist Miguel Fernandez Fernandez. Using the video to also subtly showcase their iconic view from the highest bar in the world, Ozone.

Zacapa 23years • Absinth • Imperial Oolong Syrup • Pink Grapefruit • Lime Juice • Dom Perignon Foam • Chocolate Stones • Apple Wood Smoke

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai's The Lost Chambers

Last year, I visited The Lost Chambers & created this video of the aquarium. I collaborated with Italian composer Alexandr Fullin, to use the music he created to capture the feel & tone of an experience at Atlantis the Palm.

Filmed unobtrusively, the video was later reposted by Atlantis the Palm as they said the music & visuals truly captured the feeling of first visiting.


First we find out what are the primary objectives for creating video, through a meeting & discussion.

We develop ideas, storyboards and focus on the main selling points, messaging whilst simultaneously addressing the pain points marketing for the hotel.

e.g Developing and outdoor digital signage solution, or moving the current well designed static visual assets to be seen by potential walk-ins. Pushing to make Primus less self contained, there's a very elegant way to make visual merchandising and signage subtle with the right cinematography. 

PACKAGES | June, 2017

With every project, we work together to keep the budget as lean as possible, reducing the amount of time both for filming & editing.
Depending on the type of video we're creating, I bring only what is required for the shoot & remove any unnecessary gear.

A 50% deposit is required prior to lock away filming dates from other bookings & organise equipment rental.

Listed below are the breakdown of offerings in United States Dollars (USD) as of June 2017:
(separated by process, preproduction, production & post production)


PREPRODUCTION | Storyboarding & Shot Listing (Per Video)
Even though I am also a marketing consultant, I love the process of production. I will be helping to organise
Starting from $499.95
PREPRODUCTION | Client Liaison (Per Project)
Working together to create a strategic and full media library for the property, this fee including the first meeting,
correspondence and organisation prior to the project commencement.
Starting from $499.95


PRODUCTION | Director & Cinematographer (Per Day, 8 Hours)
Even though I am primarily marketing consultant, I started as a filmmaker & love the process of production.
I will doing several jobs on the day including direction, director of photography (shot design & lighting),
producer, camera operator, monitoring audio and also onsite backup/data wrangling.
Starting from $1,999.95 Additional hour $299.95
PRODUCTION | Call Out Fee, Bump In/Out & Logistics (Per Day)
During production, each day requires a full
Starting from $199.95
OPTIONAL: An additional camera assistant is starts from $749.95 Additional hour $99.95


The following options have been broken down into category.
Dependant on project, type of videos we're creating and storyboard,
we only select what is relevant & required for a successful & lean project.

PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT | Camera Rental (Per Day)
This kit consists of two cinema quality 4k cameras with a premium lens kit, basic tripods (sticks).
Starting from $749.95 per day.
PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT | Stabiliser Kit / Camera Movement Rental (Per Day)
This kit consists of three types of portable carbon fibre dollies, a table dolly, a 14" portable dolly & a motion controlled slider for movement during interviews. This kit also has two types of steadicam one 3-axis gymbal electronic stabiliser, & one mechanical weight controlled stabiliser.
Starting from $449.95 per day.
This kit consists of a shotgun microphone for clear interview audio, a boom pole setup, an external recorder, two wireless lavalier microphones for filming audio from multiple sources & two onboard shotgun microphones for natural audio.
This kit is $249.95 per day.
PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT | Lighting Rental (Per Day)
This kit consists of a (3x) light kit for filming interviews, stylised food & beverage work and room offerings, to match brand guidelines.
NOTE: This kit is required dependant on the current lighting situations of the property & time restrictions of project. When possible I try to avoid anything that effects the experience of any paying guests so I avoid using lights when possible.
Starting from $499.95 per day.
This kit consists of a 4k drone for filming aerial and external establishing shots.
NOTE: Before requesting this kit, the video style and shot list must be approved first by the marketing team, as well as paperwork approved by CASA for the filming days. All safety precautions will be followed before this is added to the project.
Starting from $249.95 per day.

If we can film as much as possible in one day (8 hours) with exceptional planning,
we get the maximum return on investment for the equipment rental, which I will push for at every opportunity.

Feel free to ask me any questions on realistic timeframes, or about anything gear related.
am also a specialist in using everything as I have years of experience as a camera operator.


The video editing process used to take weeks, but I've worked tirelessly to perfect a different workflow of editing as soon as possible to keep the momentum from a shoot going in the following days. Locking away time on projects one after the other so I can dedicate headspace, we ship the projects as soon as possible. I also work with the team to find the most beneficial timing of the video deliverable based on the distribution method and information from big data and analytics research from many projects I've been involved with in the past.

POST PRODUCTION | Video Editing (Per Video up to 90s)
This process includes rough cutting the footage to be editable sequences, syncing audio from interviews, creating draft versions for the potential onsite editing session and organising music licensing. Finally an agreed colour grade to the footage is applied to match the feel of the tone of voice document and brand guidelines. Delivery is usually onsite but if priority upload is required it can be arranged.
Dependant on the video style, duration and type this ranges from $1,499.95 - $2,999.95
POST PRODUCTION | Music Scoring (Per Video)
With a lot of my projects we have various ways to use music for the project. There's licensing platforms where we use pre-existing music to match the style of the property, or alternatively we can work with several choices of composers to create a unique sound for the marketing campaign.
Dependant on the video style, duration and type this ranges from $249.95 - $749.95 These prices also change based on the distribution of the videos, usage type, and duration of the campaign. e.g like single use for online, perpetual, or cinema usage, etc.


PRODUCTION | Camera Assistant / Assistant Producer (Per Day)
Dependant on how large scale the project is, we will require assistants to speed up the process of moving quickly between setups.
Where possible we will unobtrusively film as as fast as possible, but we work together first on how to maximise the time & windows of opportunity.
Starting from $749.95 Additional hour $99.95.
*POST PRODUCTION | Onsite Editing (Per Day) *Recommended
I have an additional service called "Onsite Editing" where I can also work onsite, either in back of house, or at your F&B outlet to finalise the project very quickly. Usually we have a meeting in the morning where we have a discussion based on the footage. I edit until lunchtime where we have another quick meeting, and finally before COB we will have a final revision or deliverable.
This is $1,495.90
For quick turnaround projects or for when deliverables need to be urgently posted online within very short timeframe, an option for priority upload can have it sent within less than an hour depending on size.
This is $249.95

*Onsite Editing is highly recommended to ship the projects out as efficiently as possible, whilst reducing the pain and wasted time of double handling back and forth revisions through email. Optimising both the time of the in-house sales and marketing team.


If you made it this far I'm very appreciative, it's a lot to get through,
I'm more than happy to educate the entire process and this is more so on a scale of doing a projects like this.

If this feels like the right fit for InterContinental San Francisco,
I'd love to have a Skype discuss what the next steps could be.

Please be aware I would need to know as soon as possible,
since I will be travelling to direct a documentary in East Russia for all of August
and will be interstate through Australia through September.

Thank you for your time Connie,
feel free to contact me on +614 3093 3283 if you have any additional questions
or you can email via the link below!

All quoted pricing is valid for 14 days from issuance of quote (June 28, 2017).
The price on the website supersedes any previous website pricing. All prices are subject to change without notice.