Dave Katague


CASE STUDY | “Anna Polyviou’s Dessert Collection” Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Working with Pastry Chefs was initially our start in the food cinematography industry, this collection was with the award-winning Anna Polyviou from Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney.

Our main focus was the craftsmanship, skill and care taken when creating desserts from scratch. Anna’s Mess was the first in the series, a white chocolate dome, with holes cut in the top hemisphere, filled with meringues, raspberries, baby coriander and poprocks!

We also filmed Anna’s famous Carrot Cake which was featured on Australia’s Masterchef in 2015 for an episode. The process of this dessert was filmed and used by Masterchef Australia’s social media team to boost and show how much effort went into each step.

Dave Katague