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Every now and then I'll be posting travel videos I've made whilst working, exploring and meeting up with friends! Hopefully we can hang out and we can make one too!


Just over a year ago, Eileen and I were both in Hong Kong and decided to go to Disneyland.

It was incredibly hot this day and I'm glad the video doesn't show how bad it was but, wow. I think we couldn't have chosen a hotter and more humid day in Hong Kong to go.

Every time I go to Disneyland there's always that feeling of awe, for different reasons, during this trip, when we watched the Parade and this song played (which is the same song for this video) my throat closed up and I knew this was the one.

Ever since I was little riding rollercoasters was a bit of a fear, because the first time I went on Space Mountain, I was too short and small that I had to hold on as hard as I could because even on the smallest setting I was shaking around in my seat. It was pitch black and hilariously I think I rode in fetal position the entire time.

Fast forward to today, I somehow love them because last time I was at Disneyland in Paris, I was pretending I wasn't scared so my bestie Jay would go on it, but right before we got on. I said, "I actually really don't want to do this, I was just tying to look cool".

I love everything about Disneyland, the work the imagineers to do create rides and experiences with creativity and technical expertise is actually one of my dream jobs. I have no idea how to go about working as an imagineer but ever since I was a kid I wanted to be one. Somewhere in my life I'm going to make something with Disney.

Potentially if I up my game creating VR or experienced based video I might be in with a chance!

Every trip I do, I make an effort to try and go to as many as possible, hilariously last time I was in Los Angeles, I missed the launch of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride by ONE WEEK! DANG!

I have to go to China still to go on the Tron rollercoaster, and also try California Adventure! I should've gone last time but I went to Disneyland just for old times sake.

Wow super long irrelevant tangent! I will change it later but I doubt anyone will read it anyway! Enjoy!

Dave Katague