Photography:  Ewen Bell

Photography: Ewen Bell

I am driven by challenges. I love the feeling of being uncomfortable, scared or confused. It's the feeling just before you have a breakthrough.

I'm still finding what I want and who I want to be, but I can feel I'm definitely on the right track.

I avoid the word "storyteller" at all costs, because until I can actually fulfil what that label entails, I will not call myself that.

Sometimes I get tired. Most times I push. It's in the times where you push where you realise how bad you want it.

I love what I do, and that is looking deeper. Beyond the surface level visuals,
I like to get into the heart of what's happening. Find what's truly important.

I'm a photographer, graphic designer, animator and video editor, but above all I like to make things with purpose; that work.

With life, there's always a side door, a different way to do things, and a different way of getting things.
I'm loving experimenting everyday to find what that is.

Deep down, ultimately I care about relationships with others, and if I can, giving as much as I can to help educate those on the similar journeys to me.

We grow by standing on the shoulders of others, and if I can bring more along the journey with me, lets all figure this out together!

I"m going to have to rewrite this, but it's all flowing out of my mind for once and I'll fix it later.

I'm so excited for what this site will be,

- Dave